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What is it?:
Surgical operation to correct an inguinal hernia, which is the protrusion of an organ through the internal inguinal orifice (an area of weakness in the abdominal wall). The protruding organ may be a loop of intestine, omental fat (in boys and girls), or ovary and fallopian tube (in girls).

When is this operation required?:
Inguinal hernia (reducible or irreducible) and hydrocele in childhood both of which commonly manifest as groin swellings. For inguinal hernia, it’s recommended that surgery is performed before complications like obstruction or strangulation occurs. These complications may potentially damage the blood supply of the bowel and testis with adverse consequences. Elective inguinal herniotomies are usually indicated for hydroceles in boys of age more than a year-old.

How is it performed?:
This is usually performed as an elective day surgery procedure under general anaesthesia. A skin crease inguinal incision is made on the side of the swelling. The hernia sac (a patent tract that communicates with the abdomen) is identified in the inguinal canal and sewn (ligated) with absorbable sutures at its origin. Postoperative recovery is usually rapid with early resumption of activities.





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