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What is it?:
Surgical operation to remove the appendix

When is this operation required?:
This operation is required when appendicitis (Infection of the appendix) with or without complications occurs. Complicated appendicitis includes appendicular perforation, abscess formation, phlegmon or mass formation. Appendicitis is a common childhood surgical condition and may occur in children of any age. Typical symptoms include abdominal pain localizing to the right lower quadrant of the abdomen, loss of appetite or vomiting, and fever. Bedside physical examination is typically diagnostic though imaging studies like ultrasonography may sometimes be required.   

How is it performed?:
This is usually performed as an urgent surgical procedure under general anaesthesia. Treatment of dehydration has priority if present before surgery. Laparoscopic appendicectomy has been the preferred technique of choice at our centre, with faster and more pleasant recovery, lower chance of wound infections and greater patient satisfaction. Conventional open appendicectomy may be performed based on clinical selection criteria. 





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